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How did the Umbraco Swag Shop come to be? 🔮

First of all, the Umbraco webshop is a collaboration between three parties: the amazing people of Outfield Digital, the Umbraco gurus at Perplex, and of course, Umbraco HQ!

Together, we've created this amazing webshop for the Umbraco Community by combining three Umbraco solutions: Umbraco Cloud for the hosting and the CMS; Vendr for the webshop itself; and uMarketingSuite for the analytics, personalization, and A/B testing module.


Great question! To bring joy (and Friendly CMS merch) to the world, of course 🙌 The Swag Shop exists as a service for Umbraco fans everywhere, including our Friendly Community of 200,000+ developers, content creators, event planners, and more.

We should be clear that it's not our goal to earn money. Because the project only gives us the resources to operate on a small scale, we are keeping costs as low as possible for you. Unfortunately, this also means we can't offer refunds or exchanges.

BUT! It also means we have a limited number in stock, some of which will be limited-edition! :)

Makes sense. So, what makes it awesome?

Finally, you can get the official Umbraco swag you've been waiting for with worldwide shipping! 📦 And it's brought to you in large part by incredibly innovative members of our Community.




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